Canon EOS RP + Canon RF 24-240mm lens

Makes a great travel option. Convenience of being able to capture from 24mm all the way to 240mm means this one lens does it all. Shoot either with camera JPG's or shoot raw + with a capable photo editor. It is now my go-to general purpose lens where I know I won't be requiring wider than 24mm. If shooting RAW, a editor capable of making lens corrections specific to this lens is highly recommended to remove the vignetting at 24mm , and the chromatic aberrations by default. Otherwise lens is sharp at all focal lengths and does not need any other corrections.

I use Canon DPP4 and sometimes DXO Photolab 3. I personally haven't used Adobe. From fellow photographers, I heard Adobe has a few editing software that does a great job.


  • General purpose and more - starts at 24mm UWA and zooms to 240mm which makes it an excellent travel lens

  • Perhaps the only lens most beginner photographers may need for a fair bit of time

  • Reasonably priced especially when purchased as a kit

  • Sharp at all focal lengths

  • Excellent colours and contrast

  • Although plastic, lens is fairly decent build

  • AF is quick and accurate

  • IS is excellent

What to watch out for

  • Shoot RAW? Extreme vignetting at 24mm uncorrected RAW. I use Canon's bundled software DPP 4 and sometimes DXO Photolab which removes all the vignetting by default

  • Not weather resistant. If you shoot in inclement weather frequently, you may want to get the L lens such as the RF 24-105 L F4

  • Aperture is variable and at telephoto it is a 6.3

  • Chromatic aberration (CA) in uncorrected RAW file. Please see first bullet point in this section for the software I use which corrects CA automatically