Canon EF 70-300mm L lens Review

I love this lens for its trail blazing fast AF, excellent IS, AF accuracy, portability, sharpness, colours, contrast, and build quality. It commands premium price for good reason and in my opinion well worth the price. The focal length covers a lot. It is a bit heavyweight in its class of the focal length reach, However it makes up for it in its build quality it offers. It delivers biting sharp images on both APS-C as well as full frame camera. Love the images rendered by this lens.


  • Biting sharp wide open

  • Fast AF

  • Accurate AF

  • Excellent Image Stabilization

  • Well built weather sealed

  • Excellent colours, contrast, bokeh, and rendering. Simply love it.

  • Minimum focus distance makes it a pleasure to use

Things to consider during your decision to buy this lens.

  • Price - it is pricy. In my opinion it is worth the money

  • Fairly heavyweight in its class attributable to its excellent all metal build quality. No compromises were made by Canon here

  • Nothing else. I love this lens. If you are into wildlife - this is a lens to add to your bag.