About Me

I love photography. I love cameras, and lenses. I am a photographer from Vancouver - Greater Fraser Valley area of British Columbia - The province on West Coast Of Canada.

I wish to share some of my memories captured by me during my travel to various parts of the world.

Besides photos, I wish to share my opinions on cameras and lenses I have used. I am not a technical reviewer. Nor am I am wordy reviewers.

I will occasionally share my camera settings, lens settings, my post processing work-flow and other similar topics which may be helpful to fellow photographers.

I have had the good luck to use all major brands of cameras, and lenses including Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony (in alphabetic order). I got this opportunity due to capturing event's for companies using gear provided by event management company's.

Brands I personally own are primarily Canon, and Olympus. I also have some basic gear in Sony, and Panasonic camera and lenses.

I love the gear part as much as the artistic aspect of photography.

Please drop me a note / specific questions about a lens or camera I have written about using the Contact Me Form. I will reply with my honest 2 cents.