Affordable, well built lens that delivers

I have used this lens on various cameras. I had sold my first lens. Missed it a lot. Purchased another copy. I love this lens. It delivers sharp pictures with excellent colour renditions, and contrast. I use this for landscape as well as well for portraits, and as a general purpose lens. I am happy with the way it works with RP. I recommend this for its price, portability, image quality, build quality, and durability.

What should you watch out for?

  1. Extreme corners at 17mm are sufficiently sharp. Not tack sharp. If this is important criteria over portability, and affordability, consider RF lenses. For me this lens delivers sharpness I require

  2. Aperture starts at F4 which while great is bettered by other zooms from Canon which is 2.8 and bigger

  3. If you plan to use with the Canon RF mount, you will need the EF-RF adaptor

  4. Partial weather seal which can be fully sealed by putting a 77mm filter

PS: For photography assignments (events) or travel, my other favourite general purpose go-to lens was the EF 24-70 2.8 initially and later 24-105 F4 L IS. Now with mirrorless, my go-to lenses are 17-40mm, and RF 24-240mm